Todi a 3000 years heritage

Some curiosities about Todi

Founded by the Umbrians (some cite the date 2700 BC). Situated in ancient times on the border between the Etruscan and Umbrian territories, not far from Rome and Florence, Todi has been defined as the most livable town on earth, the “ideal town”, by research of the University of Kentucky for its size, its climate, its hilltop location and for its harmonious relationship to its surroundings.

A striking artistic center in a magnificent position dominating the Tiber River valley, celebrated for its Roman and Etruscan remains, for its palaces, its churches and its suggestive medieval environment.

Picturesque winding streets, stone buildings, medieval wells, arches, sudden ascents and descents that create various prospective and sudden views of faraway valleys, hills and mountains all contribute to Todi’s unique fascination.

What to see in Todi

In the center of town is the long rectangular Piazza del Popolo, considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, onto which face the Palazzo dei Priori, Palazzo del Popolo and Palazzo del Capitano all originally 13th c. civic buildings still used as such today, and the 11th-12th c. Duomo.

The Temple of S. Maria della Consolazione (16th-17th c), built to a plan by Bramante is one of Italy’s finest Renaissance Churches.
The newly restored Museo Civico e Pinacoteca houses important pieces ranging from rare Etruscan coins to 16th c. Italian paintings.

Many cultural events and exhibitions take place in Todi. The annual Todi Festival hosts avant-garde music, dance and film productions.
An antiques fair takes place every spring. Various celebrated artists and artisans of the whole world live and have their studios in
Todi. The town is rich in art galleries, craft-shops (ceramic,carving,), antiques dealers and restorers.
You can enjoy the world-renown Umbrian cusine in many characteristic restaurants (some of the most famous in Italy) and tipycal food shops: truffles, olive oils, wines.

Two exclusive villas set in Italy's heart, central to visit Umbria & Tuscany

Two Breathtaking Villas

in Italy's heart, central to visit Umbria & Tuscany

These two breathtaking villas, just 5 miles from Todi, on the hills of the river Tiber natural park, are surrounded by olive-groves, vineyards and their own private woodland with centuries old oak trees, where you can easily find animals and plants which are rarely seen nowadays (orchids, nightingales etc).